Friday, January 16, 2015

Whole30 Day 3 (1.3.15)

So as I'm typing this we're officially on day 16 of our Whole 30 committment and we absolutely love it.  Someone asked me yesterday if I was counting down the days or actually enjoying it.  The honest answer.  A little of both.

I love the way I feel.  I love how much energy I have.  I love how I haven't had a headache (other than day 4) since this deal started.  I love how I'm consciously thinking about everything I eat.  I'm a snacker you see.  A "finish whatever's on the kid's plates" type of eater.  But not anymore.  I'm thinking about every food decision and I'm loving it. 

That being said.  I'm already planning my first meal on January 31st :)  It's a Sunday morning and we don't currently have a church.  I'll probably try to not eat anything until arriving at Bylerys for a donut and Caribou Coffee Treat.  I'm not sure how it will all sit but since I won't have had dairy for 30 days I'm imagining the worst.  Will it be worth it? I guess we'll find out in 15 days :)

So, back to day 3.
B: I made a sweet potato hash and served with a couple of fried eggs and an avocado.  Homemade Pico de Bubna and some fresh strawberries.  Delish.  I can't remember where I found the recipe but you basically shred some sweet potatoes.  Combine with a bit of seasonings (see how vague I am?) and cook in coconut oil in a hot pan. 

L: Leftover Kale Soup. Here's another key to Whole30.  Make enough to have leftovers to save yourself from cooking another meal every single time. 

Snack: We had a birthday party to attend that day as well as a going away party for my cousin who is traveling abroad.  I knew we'd be around a lot of foods that were off limits so I made a smoothie for us to take to go! 

Dinner:  Please make this recipe as soon as you can.  They are amazing.  And listen to me when I tell you this: Do not make 1/2 a batch.  Why? Because you will be so glad you have them all!  Bora Bora Meatballs  Here's where I find Whole30 to be tricky.  I made these ahead of time so that I wouldn't have to worry about dinner right when we got home from our afternoon out.  But I forgot about sides.  This is when I would normally just throw some pasta in a pot or make some white or brown rice to serve with it.  But not this time.  No Sirree.  I fed my kids some fresh veggies while I whipped up some Cauliflower Rice Pilaf. The link here is for her basic version of this.  I used fresh chopped peppers in mine and pine nuts.  Absolutely delicious!

Evening Snack: Still a habit we're trying to break but we snacked on some water and a Lara Bar.   

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