Saturday, January 10, 2015

Whole 30 Day 2 recap

Day 2! We made it without making any big no-nos!  Seriously.  Try cutting sugar from your diet for one day.  It's really hard.   Not going without it.  That part is fine.  It's how they sneak sugar into everything that makes it hard.  You have to read every label! And then read it again.  And then ask a friend to read it. 

Breakfast #1: And omelette with spinach and orange pepper
Breakfast #2: A fruit smoothie with spinach and coconut milk. (I mainly made this because I got up super early and was hungry before lunch)
Lunch: Out at the Good Earth Cafe.  The waiter was super helpful and made me this gigantic salad with and olive oil dressing and it was delicious!
Snack: Hard-boiled Egg
Dinner: Turkey Kale Soup. Super Delicious! Just skip the brown rice and you're Whole30 friendly! 
Evening Snack: Banana Sun Butter Cocoa Smoothie and some dried fruits.  So so tasty!  

I was out this evening as well and had to turn down amazing snacks and plenty of adult beverages.  I have to tell you though.  Knowing that I would wake up feeling amazing the next day was super motivating!


  1. that turkey kale soup looks amazing! thanks for linking the recipe!

    1. Sure thing, girlfriend. I believe I mentioned it above but we cut the rice and it was just fine without but if you're not doing Whole30 I'd put it in there. I'm sure it thickens it a bit!