Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Last night was National Night Out.  Did your block do anything fun?
We have been invited, in years past and this year, to the block party of the street behind us- our alley neighbors, but have never gone.  This year I've been getting more and more involved with the Cleveland Neighborhood Association and found myself as a block party leader.  Yippee!! So it was time our actual street block off the roads and had ourselves a true block party!

We had a really fun time getting ready for the festivites.  My man and I provided root beer floats to the neighbors. We had snacks from others homes and my neighbor and dear friend across the street, Mel, even blew up her bouncy house for the kids to jump in.  We had a great time!

But I realized, even with all the planning and organizing, and door to door knowing I did, none of this would even be possible without my neighbors.  I'm so glad we live where we live and I know God has us here for a reason.  They teach me more than they'll ever know about what it means to love.

Sorry, no pics, I was a tad bit busy :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

apple peeler

We were recently blessed with some free produce.  I probably had 20 apples of all different varieties and they were all about to turn.  So, I made some delicious apple crumb bars.  They were really tasty!  I also made some home made apple sauce in our mini crock pot and that too was tasty!  But what to do with all the peels and cores?  I felt bad just tossing them and since we don't compost yet I didn't know where to put them (we've also had quit the fruit fly problem as of late so the trash can was out).
Thank you google.
I always appreciate your willingness to answer my questions immediately and with multiple choices.
I could just cook the stuff in a pot of water to fill my house with a lovely scent.
I could make apple tea but since it's 90+ degress out most days I opted out of hot tea.
So I made apple jam.  Well, it's actually more like apple honey.  But's it's super tasty.  We put it on our french toast yesterday morning and I made our lunch with it and peanut butter. Just boil down the peels and cores with at least 8 cups of water.  Then strain.  Then cook the apple juice with sugar (I used about a 1 to 4 ratio of sugar to juice) until it reaches 120 degrees. Then can.  Simple and delicious.

But the whole point of this post isn't the delicious recipes I've been finding/creating lately.  It's about my apple peeler.  (I got this as a gift from my grandmother and I doubt she spent more than $15 on it) The guy that makes it all possible.
Seriously- I know there is something to be said for doing it all by hand but this tool is simply amazing.  Cuts my time in half at least.  Plus- look how cute it is?