Monday, July 23, 2012

new tent!

We love to camp.
This is not a secret.
So the other weekend we went away, just the four of us, and it was a wonderful little family get away.  We found this camp ground that was only 45 minutes from home so we would still feel like we were getting away without the long drive. They had a lake on the grounds and quaint sites that were quite private.  In fact, we might have been the only people camping there that weekend which was weird because it was the first cool weekend in a while up here!
I was trying to capture Audrey's diaper bottom but instead just got this shot of her.  Such a technology lover!

I have a daughter with really curly hair!  I love it!

Our little bon fire.

Trying to keep the mosquitoes out of our eyes but still enjoying some lovely quiet time after the girls went down.
The new tent was yet again, amazing.  Big enough for us all with plenty of room for our gear.  Both Dan and I were amazed that this is the first time we've ever camped, just us.  The first of many.

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