Monday, July 23, 2012

embroidery hoop

So I started doing a little embroidery.  I've always felt comfortable with a needle and some thread but now I'm learning some specific stitches.
Isaac John Harpel (due August 13th!)
For this baby blanket I made I used three different stitches.  The basic back stitch for the letters,  the french knot for the dots, and the stem stitch for anything round like the circle and the bottom of the J. 

The blanket was made based on this tutorial by Stay-at-Home Artist. It was so easy to follow and I already had the flannel because I bought a bunch on sale a few months ago.  This also helped me learn that my machine had a cute little zig-zag stitch I didn't know about (where it makes it looks a little hand embroidered) and I love it!
Just an instagram of the gal behind this blog!

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