Tuesday, October 23, 2012

front door

Well, technically this isn't my front door but it's the door you enter to get into my house.
Having a porch is one of my favorite features in this house.  It's where I do my quiet time in the morning when it's nice out.  It's where the girls and I play in the afternoon when we need fresh air but can't go out.  It's where my mail gets delivered which always makes me happy.  (Not the bills though).
In an effort to be more creative lately I tried a new Fall wreath.  I was recently explaining this to a friend and I can't get it to come out quiet right but I'll give it a go anyway.  I really want to be creative in the sense that I start with nothing but some craft supplies, and walk away with something else.  So this wreath, although I've seen tutorials on how to do some of the flowers, is my first go.  I just sat down with my felt and fabric, started cutting, glueing, and pinning, and finished with this.  A little sign that says, "hello, welcome to my house, please come in and stay awhile".  At least, that's what I hope it says.
I'm in the middle of a Bible Study on Genesis and I'm sure this has greatly influenced the creative juices.  We serve the Creator of the entire Universe.  That blows my mind.

I'm attempting my first link up.  Not even sure if I fully get what this is but I love this blog, Homemade Ginger, and want to be cool like her.  Think this will help? Check out her blog and others that have linked up too.  Kind of a fun way to keep up with other crafters!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up at the Ginger Jamboree! I hope to see you there next week!

    1. No problem Megan! Thanks for setting it up. I have followed your blog for so long now! Fun to see it evolving!