Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life these days

It's been a while since I've had a spare moment to blog but I'm literally trapped under a sleeping baby and can't move or else he wakes up. My dear friend ashley came over tonight and rather than try to manage her crying little guy out at dinner with her family we offered to watch him. And I got him to sleep after a bit of work and I'm not risking the wake up!

So these days, life is great! Busy. Tiring. Exhausting. Emotional. Hot. But great. 

Daniel is a machine. Seriously. This man works his tail off all day at work, comes home and is immediately present with the kids, helps with whatever I need, which sometimes means watching them all while I go out to a meeting or book club, and then puts them to sleep. He's sweet too. 

I am figuring out what being a stay-at-home-mama looks like. You'd think almost 5 years into this Id have it figured out but I've been feeling convicted lately that I'm not as present to my babes when I'm with them because I've always got other stuff to do. That doesn't mean I get to ignore my home, or my part time job at the church, or my doula work, or my book club, but I do need to remember my first job in this season, besides being a wife :)  And so in learning to say yes to the kids way more and no to the other demands. 

Greta is 4 1/2 and loving life. She's ready to be more challenged educationally do we're working on reading and writing here soon. She might be a bit of an over achiever. (Not sure where she gets that?!)  she's determined. Beautiful. And very silly. Has quite the serious side to her and is very tender hearted. Errol can do no wrong in her book. 

Audrey Lou is 3 1/2 and just a riot. She tears up quite quickly (especially without a nap) and can sing like no other. She's beautiful and spunky. I'm often told that she's peoples favorite and I can totally understand why. She's easy. And fun. She loves big. You would know this if you've ever been given one of her hugs. She almost knocked my grandmother over the other day upon greeting her!! 

Errol mark is almost 9 months old now and just fantastic! He stands up and walks around furniture. He can also climb the stairs!! He loves to laugh and can show you "how big" he is! He is the perfect end cap for our family! 

We are happy and healthy and grateful for our family, friends, and God.

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  1. Miss you guys! "She loves big" - I LOVE that! :) Sending hugs.