Thursday, April 11, 2013

16 week pregnancy update

I was terrible about updating during my pregnancies with the girls so this time around I'm going to attempt to be better at it.  A lot of my friends use this little list of questions to answer each time and I think it's a fun way to watch the progress!

So here goes:
How far along: 16.5 weeks

How big is baby: 4 1/2" long and 3 1/2 ounces already! About the size of an avocado!

Weight gain: I have no idea!  I'm guessing 5 lbs?

Stretch marks: no news ones :) I have plenty from the girls!

Sleep: I'm loving the second trimester so far!  I sleep great at night and still take a nap almost every day with the girls.  It's glorious!

Cravings/Aversions: I think about spicy food all the time.  Yesterday I had a Charley's sub with tons of jalapeños and banana peppers on it and it was awesome! Nothing really sounds gross now though.

Movement: I'm hesitant to say that what I'm feeling is the baby and not gas but I think it's just starting!

What I'm loving: The snow has forced us to stay tucked inside and I really don't mind it.  Time to bake and sew and play with the girls.

Symptoms: After a fairly eventful first trimester I'm doing great.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  My gums bleed when I brush them but that's about it.

What I'm looking forward to: Popping!  I'm so ready to start showing.  I think this baby just likes hiding because most days it's really hard to tell I'm pregnant.

Best moment of the week: I love to read to the girls and they are just getting used to sitting for longer periods of time so we're starting chapter books.  Right now we're reading Charlotte's Web and they love it.  Today though, we hit a few pages in a row without any pictures and rather than complain Greta just started staring at me.  Literally staring.  When I asked her what she was doing she just said, "Oh, I'm watching your mouth read!".  It was really sweet.

How I'm feeling: Great! Ready for the snow to melt so we can start playing outside! Ready for walks and all the good things that come playing at the park!

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