Thursday, December 13, 2012


I think just about every stage of Greta and Audrey's development has been "my favorite".

But I have to say, the delightful stage we're in right now, is absolutely wonderful!

The girls are now playing with each other more than ever.

 Their imaginations are exploding.

They have the most precious conversations with each other late into the night in their shared bedroom.

And the way they protect each other when their playing with other kids, it's touching. 

This Holiday Season I am overwhelmed with thoughts of what Mary must have felt watching her son grow up.

She knew that He was the Messiah and yet He was still her precious baby.

 I am truly cherishing these days with my ladies.

Merry Christmas friends and family,
The Hansen Crew

*All photos courtesy of the very talented Mr. Dan Bennett


  1. Wow! Your girls have grown so much. Such great pictures. Love love love your family picture. Merry Christmas to you guys!
    Michele W

  2. Gorgeous photos! Merry Christmas!